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The spotlight on the athletes, every supporter on the edge of his seat. In a stadium, sport should be the focus. From an impressive light show over dynamic LED boarding to a sublime fan experience: MaxAmaze provides the ultimate sports experience.

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High-quality LED lighting and boarding require a carefully thought-out plan, in every sport and every stadium. Thanks to years of know-how and a versatile total package, MaxAmaze can fulfil the specific needs of each club and boost the fan experience.




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MaxAmaze travels the world to push the sports experience in stadiums and arenas to the next level. Discover where MaxAmaze has already deployed its technical know-how and years of expertise.

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From an intrinsic passion for entertainment, MaxAmaze has grown into an international player in LED lighting, LED boarding and fan experiences for sport stadiums and arenas. The same goes for MaxAmaze as for any athlete: we go further, aim higher and keep striving for more.

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The world of sports keeps moving forward, and so does MaxAmaze. In stadiums and arenas, we always bring our A-game. We are happy to inform you about our latest achievements.

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