MaxAmaze shines
in the Lotto Park

RSC Anderlecht-KV Mechelen was no ordinary game. A tribute to Paul Van Himst was the opener of an unforgettable evening and an ultimate football experience. MaxAmaze operated the controls and continues to leave its mark on the Lotto Park.

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Mister Anderlecht

MaxAmaze ensured a special evening at RSC Anderlecht's Lotto Park. The home match against KV Mechelen, which was won 3-1, was preceded by an impressive tribute to the legendary Paul Van Himst. The evening was dedicated to his impressive career and merits for the club, and unleashed a wave of nostalgia and pride in and around the stadium.

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The Lotto Park
in a new light

It is MaxAmaze's technical expertise that made this memorable evening possible. For starters, the permanent LED lighting -and display in the Lotto Park creates a new era in football experience. From now on, the purple-and-white supporters will enjoy a crystal-clear and well-informed view of the football spectacle. In order to do full justice to the special evening, MaxAmaze also provided the necessary mood lighting and special effects. The colour mauve, so closely associated with Anderlecht, shone like never before and gave the stadium a magical glow.

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Ultimate Mauve Experience

The combination of the tribute to Paul Van Himst and the technical highlights of MaxAmaze made this evening at Lotto Park a true spectacle. It was not only a celebration of the club's history, but also an example of how innovative technologies can enrich the sporting experience. The audience left the stadium feeling proud and amazed, knowing that they witnessed an unforgettable evening and will enjoy a RSCA-worthy football experience in the future.

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A customised sports experience?
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A customised
sports experience?
Go for MaxAmaze!