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A sports stadium holds no secrets for MaxAmaze. We ensure that every square inch of the playing field is optimally and energy-efficiently lit. Do you want to give your audience a next-level sports experience? Our broad range of services guarantees total concepts that add an extra vibe to games and events.

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win-win for
fan and club

Committing to better technology not only benefits the senses. A better experience means a lively atmosphere in the stadium, which in turn drives the cohesion on the pitch. The audience is captivated, enjoys the moment and immediately looks forward to the next meeting.

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MaxAmaze revives
your stadium

MaxAmaze revives
your stadium

Drawing from a deep-rooted passion for sports, MaxAmaze provides a balanced expertise for creating new experiences in sports stadiums. Sport is all about dynamism, on and off the pitch. Our flexible attitude backed up by a wide range of energy-efficient techniques allows us to create and maintain a connection with your audience.


Our services
transform your stadium

A clear view of the pitch? Our LED lights ensure a razor-sharp and bright game. Do you like to go a step further? To redefine everyone's experience, MaxAmaze offers a wide range of services. Explore the possibilities and transform your stadium into a true theatre.

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A customised sports experience?
Go for MaxAmaze!

A customised
sports experience?
Go for MaxAmaze!