pushing the
bounderies of
sports productions

pushing the
of sports

MaxAmaze's broad knowledge and specialized skills put fans on the edge of their seats. You see an arena, we see a theater. Discover our areas of expertise and be captivated by our total package.

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LEDs take sports experiences to the next level. Our displays and scoreboards provide clear and informative visuals and ensure that your audience does not miss one detail.

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Let the decibels roar across the stands! Our audio systems provide pure sounds and mesmerizing music. Because sports also take place in the ears.

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Pregame and halftime shows, live music, interactive fan zones …
MaxAmaze entertains spectators and maintains the excitement throughout the game.

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The ball flies through the clear air, every drop of sweat is visible, the game can be captured in sharp images. Flip the switch and see LED lighting in the blink of an eye.

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Special FX

Our pyrotechnics, laser lights and high-tech graphics create memorable spectacles. MaxAmaze turns your sports game into a celebration.

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nothing is out
of our league

MaxAmaze wants to push and redefine the ultimate boundaries of sports experiences. 
As pioneers in large-scale LED lighting and as experts in LED screens, music and entertainment, we turn arenas into theaters. Athletes become heroes, audiences never felt this connected to the spectacle of sport.

Let us amaze you